Disclosure Policy

Advantest aspires to help realize a safe, secure, and comfortable society and sustainable future as well as to solve social issues by enhancing our semiconductor testing business while expanding our business into peripheral business areas. Just as the value of our semiconductor testing is hard to see, it is harder to discern what the value of non-financial information is. Precisely because of its uncertainty, we strive to disclose information on our approach and initiatives for E (environment), S (society), and G (governance) in our second mid-term management plan (2021 to 2023) that is easy for our stakeholders to understand and access.

Our Sustainability website shares our approach and initiatives for sustainability from an ESG perspective along with detailed performance data. It is updated as necessary with the aim of disclosing information on sustainability in a comprehensive and prompt manner.

The "Sustainability Data Book" is an annual report of information on our Sustainability Website as of the end of August, published every year in PDF format. In this data book and our website, we refer to the GRI standards along with other guidelines to offer a more comprehensive summary of our activities. Regarding climate changes, we are disclosing information in accordance with the "Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)" since FY2021.

Relationship with the Integrated Annual Report

Advantest positions our "Integrated Annual Report" as a "One-stop Handbook" for disclosing our corporate value from financial and non-financial perspectives. The Sustainability Data Book is an appendix to the Integrated Annual Report, compiled with the aim of providing a comprehensive and detailed report on information related to ESG.

About information disclosure

About information disclosure

Scope of the Sustainability Data Book

Period covered April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023
Initiatives and activities before the period covered as well as those up to August 2023 are also included to aid in content comprehension.
Target organizations Advantest Corporation and its major domestic and overseas consolidated subsidiaries
Issuance Issued in October 2023 as an annual report (The next issue is scheduled to be released in October 2024)

Guidelines Referenced

  • GRI Standards
  • SASB Standards
  • ISO26000 Guidelines
  • Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact
  • Ministry of the Environment of Japan, "Environmental Reporting Guidelines 2018"

Third-party Assurance

Third-party assurance has been obtained from Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC to ensure increased reliability of selected social and environmental performance indicators in FY2023 included in the ESG Data on our website.

Contact Information

For inquiries related to sustainability
Sustainability Promotion Office