Knowledge Booster Videos!
Learn All About Semiconductors

How much do you know about semiconductors? These important components work behind the scenes to make our lives safer, more secure, and more comfortable. It's OK if you don't even know what they are! This series of fun, quick videos will cover all the basics.


You've probably heard of them, but few people have ever seen them. What do they look like? Where are they to be found?

Semiconductors At Work

Semiconductors work hard everywhere in our lives. Let's find out where, how, and why!


Tests can be scary. But if semiconductors didn't get tested, and pass their tests, it would mean trouble. Why is semiconductor test so essential?

Semiconductors and the SDGs

Have you heard of the SDGs? These 17 goals were devised by the UN to try to get everyone working together for their vision of a better future. Find out how semiconductors are helping!

Semiconductors and Energy

Semiconductors also help to produce and deliver safe and clean electricity, and work to reduce CO2 emissions by reducing power consumption.

AI and the SDGs

An artificial intelligence (AI) is essentially nothing but a cluster of semiconductors. Find out how AI may contribute to the future!