System Level Test Systems

Providing Flexible System Level Test and Burn-In Solutions

Advances in the semiconductor industry continue to drive a higher demand for smaller and more powerful devices whether in our car, our gaming device, our smart phone, or in the cloud. Testing methodologies must evolve to address the emerging complexity and cost challenges driven by pressures to lower overall cost of test and improve yield, while at the same time addressing new technical challenges such as those driven by lower technology nodes, advanced packaging, and increased functionality.

While System Level and Burn-In tests are not new methodologies, both are gaining more momentum particularly for production test. To address these challenges, Advantest Test Solutions has developed a series of SLT and Burn-In solutions that can span from high mix/low volume applications to those that have the volume to require fully automated solutions. Advantest Test Solutions works closely with customers to understand the specific test requirements, then leverages industry leading building blocks to ensure that each solution is fine-tuned to those requirements.

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