ACS Real-Time Data Infrastructure (ACS RTDI™) is a solution platform that securely collects, analyzes, stores and monitors semiconductor test data and empowers customers to automate the process of converting insights into actionable production steps within the same test insertion in milliseconds.


ACS enables customers to optimize yield, improve quality, and reduce time to volume / market with ACS Real-Time Data Infrastructure (ACS RTDI™) and AI/ML-Driven Analytics Solutions.


ACS's RTDI™ platform helps customers realize integrated data-driven workflows. The ACS ecosystem is a family of data-based products and technologies founded on a single scalable data platform that allows customers to develop in-house applications or procure market-leading solutions from Advantest and its partners.

The ACS Real-Time Data Infrastructure streamlines data sources across the entire IC manufacturing supply chain while employing low latency edge computing and analytics in a True Zero Trust™ security environment that delivers results in a matter of milliseconds during test operation. With the ability to apply multiple analytics models, ACS real-time data infrastructure enables inline decision to be executed during production, resulting in increased productivity and better quality.



  • Integrates data sources across the IC manufacturing supply chain
  • Offers low latency edge computing and analytics in a True Zero Trust™ secured environment
  • Enables AI/ML-driven decision-making within the same test insertion in milliseconds
  • Open solutions ecosystem allows customers to create and implement analytics models
  • Reliable and secure, ensuring hassle-free OS revisions
  • Enables multiple apps from ecosystem partners on a single platform
  • Compatibility across all Advantest platforms
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