Advantest Cloud Solutions™ (ACS)

An Open Solutions Ecosystem for an Integrated Semiconductor Supply Chain

In the semiconductor test industry, test engineers analyze test data to drive higher yields, improved quality and reliability, and faster time-to-market and time-to-volume. Unfortunately, the current file-based approach is performed offline and takes days or even weeks to identify and resolve any issues. ACS's Real-Time Data Infrastructure (ACS RTDI™) platform helps customers accomplish intelligent data-driven workflows. The ACS ecosystem is a family of data-based products and technologies founded on a single scalable data platform that allows customers to develop or procure market-leading solutions from Advantest and its partners.

The ACS RTDI™ integrates data sources across the entire IC manufacturing supply chain while employing low latency edge computing and analytics in a secure True Zero Trust™ environment that delivers results within one touchdown or in a matter of milliseconds during test operation. This approach significantly reduces the time it used to take to perform such actions.
With the ability to apply multiple analytics models, ACS RTDI™ enables real-time corrective actions to be taken during production, resulting in increased productivity and better quality. This infrastructure also minimizes the need for human intervention, streamlining the overall process while providing secure data transactions, reuse of code across multiple insertions, and integration with customer databases.
Overall, the new ACS ecosystem enables customers to boost quality, yield, and operational efficiencies, and to accelerate product development and new product introductions for years to come.

Customer-Driven Products and Services for Integrated Workflows

Looping in our tightly integrated global application services team, we identify and analyze customer needs to focus our ACS product and service development on creating innovative solutions that solve real customer problems and complex challenges.

By building scalable products and offering complementary services aligned with customer needs, we ensure a thorough product-market fit.

The ACS products and services enable customers to get more value out of their supply chain with focused workflow solutions for each stage of the IC design and manufacturing process, including:

  • Machine learning powered post-silicon-validation
  • Dynamic parametric test
  • Real-Time Data Infrastructure
  • Cloud-based test-program development and debug
  • Test equipment fleet monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance and OEE management.

With test equipment and solution-driven ACS roadmaps closely integrated, Advantest is one of the only vendors capable of delivering a fully integrated test solution ecosystem.