Corporate Overview

Corporate Overview

Organizational Profile

(As of March 31, 2024)

Head Office Shin Marunouchi Center Bldg., 1-6-2, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005
Established Dec, 1954
Group CEO Douglas Lefever
Capital 32,363 million yen
Stock Exchange Listings Tokyo Stock Exchange, Prime Market (Securities Code: 6857)
Number of Shares Outstanding 766,141,256 shares
Number of employees
(including temporary employees)
7,358 (2,819 in Japan and 4,539 overseas)


Change in Net Sale

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Change in Operating Income/Operating Income Margin

* Financial data are presented in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Change in ROE and EPS

* ROE: Return on equity ratio of net income attributed to the parent;
EPS: Basic net earnings per share

* Advantest has issued a 4-for-1 stock split of common stock, effective October 1, 2023.
The above EPS figures are based on the assumption that stock splits were made retroactively.

Our Business Segments & Flagship Products

Advantest has three business segments: Semiconductor and Component Test Systems, which accounts for about 70% of sales; Mechatronics Systems, which handles test system peripherals; and Services, Support and Other, which mainly provides customer support and system-level test products.
In combination, these products and solutions enable us to respond to a wide variety of semiconductor test needs and diverse customer requirements. Our broad portfolio is one of the keys to our competitiveness.

Synergistic Solution Families Centered on Semiconductor Test Systems

Semiconductor and Component Test Systems

SoC Test System

  • ADVANTEST V93000 SoC Test System For SoC Test

    For SoC Test

  • ADVANTEST T2000 SoC Test System For SoC Test

    For SoC Test

  • ADVANTEST T6391 SoC Test System For Display Driver IC

    For Display Driver IC

Note: "SoC" stands for "System on Chip", but is here used to mean "non-memory."

Memory Test System

  • ADVANTEST T5835 Memory Test System For DRAM/NAND Test

    For DRAM/NAND Test

  • ADVANTEST T5503HS2 Memory Test System For High-Speed DRAM Test

    For High-Speed DRAM Test

Semiconductor test equipment is our main product line. Our test systems are roughly divided into testers for SoC semiconductors and testers for memory semiconductors.

Testers for SoC semiconductors can test almost all devices other than memory semiconductors, such as logic semiconductors, analog semiconductors, and RF devices. The SoC semiconductor tester market is two to three times larger than the memory semiconductor tester market, and users number in the hundreds, including fabless and OSAT companies. The SoC semiconductor tester market is characterized by this large number of customers and the wide range of device types needing to be tested. Our testers for SoC semiconductors feature excellent scalability in terms of test range and test capacity, and can test a wide range of devices, from low-cost IoT devices to high-end semiconductors.

Memory semiconductor testers are optimized for the mass production of memory semiconductors, such as DRAM and NAND flash. In the memory sector, device types are less diverse, and production volumes are huge, meaning that customers seek to adopt testers capable of testing hundreds of devices at once. Our memory testers dominate this sector, as they are capable of higher speeds than the fastest devices in production today, and boast industry-best parallel test capabilities.

Mechatronics Systems

Test Handler

  • ADVANTEST M4872 Test Handler For SoC Test

    For SoC Test

  • ADVANTEST M6242 Test Handler For Memory Test

    For Memory Test

Device Interface

  • ADVANTEST Change kit

    Change kit




  • ADVANTEST E3650 CD-SEM For Photomask / EUV mask

    CD-SEM For Photomask / EUV mask

Our mechatronics-related business consists of test peripherals such as device interfaces and test handlers, which are used in conjunction with test systems, and nanotechnology products used in front-end semiconductor manufacturing processes.

A device interface is a general term for devices that are electrically connected to a test system, making it possible to rapidly repurpose the test system to test diverse devices with various sizes and pin counts.

A test handler is a tool that performs the three roles of transporting semiconductor packages to the test system, applying temperature to them, and sorting semiconductors according to test results in back-end semiconductor manufacturing processes. Our handlers, test systems, and device interfaces comprise one-stop "test cells" that combine high test quality and production efficiency.

Our nanotechnology products are scanning electron microscopes that utilize our proprietary electron beam technology. They are used to measure the width and height of circuits drawn on photomasks and wafers in front-end semiconductor manufacturing processes, an area where demand is expected to increase with the spread of EUV lithography.

Services, Support and Others

Support / Services

  • Advantest Cloud Solutions™(ACS)

System Level Test

  • ADVANTEST MPT3000HVM SSD Test System

    SSD Test System

  • ADVANTEST ATS503x System Level Test System

    System Level Test System

  • ADVANTEST Thermal Control Unit

    Thermal Control Unit

  • ADVANTEST High-end Test Socket

    High-end Test Socket

Our field services business and system level test business account for the majority of sales in this segment.

Field services are not limited to maintenance of our systems. We are also expanding into high value-added services such as system utilization rate improvement, mass production ramp consulting, and security-conscious online support.

System-level test systems test semiconductors in an environment similar to that of the final product where the semiconductors will be used. It screens out defects that cannot be checked by testing the device in a stand-alone environment. We built an early position of strength in this sector through acquisitions, and are now working to grow our system-level test business through synergies with our test systems.

In addition, this segment includes Advantest Cloud Solutions™ (ACS), which enables data utilization in the semiconductor manufacturing process; second-hand product sales; and products for non-semiconductor applications such as measurement solutions for the medical and pharmaceutical fields.